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Educating The Public

Educating The Public

About The Benefits Of CBD Oil

At The CBD Store our first priority is not to simply sell our CBD products - it's to educate others and advocate for the safe and sensible use of natural health remedies. With personal experiences and extensive industry knowledge serving as the base of our organization, we are committed to helping people experience the side-effect-free use of CBD oil. We truly believe in the life-changing power of natural remedies such as cannabinoids, and have structured our business around serving any adult who may be interested in finding out more about their extensive benefits. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil online or visit our stores in Loveland, Greeley, Pekin, Lincolnwood to browse our CBD oils, topicals, edibles, and more!

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About Caprice Sweatt

As one of the original 2007 members of Colorado's Medical Marijuana Program, Caprice Sweatt had been advocating and fighting for its legalization for years. Having suffered from the debilitating effects of Crohn's disease for many decades, Caprice finally found relief when she tried medical cannabis as a natural treatment. At age 22, she was able to ditch her prescriptions - and their side effects - and has virtually eliminated her symptoms for the past 30 years.

Caprice's personal experience with medical cannabis has driven her to develop a personal mission of education and advocacy for cannabinoids and their benefits. Through public outreach efforts, such as workshops and seminars, Caprice and her team work to disseminate information regarding CBD oil and its benefits. In addition to opening The CBD Store in Loveland, Greeley, Lincolnwood, and Pekin, Caprice is the former CEO of Medical Cannabis Outreach and Owner of Salveo Health and Wellness, both in Illinois. Continuing her focus on educating the public and dispelling the myths surrounding medical marijuana and CBD oil, Caprice has held more than 400 seminars on the subject.

We invite you to visit our CBD store in Loveland, Greeley, Lincolnwood, and Pekin to find out more about the benefits of CBD oil and how it can help you in your day-to-day life. If you have any questions or concerns about who we are or CBD oil itself, please don't hesitate to give us a call or come on in. We promise to provide honest, friendly advice you can use to determine what CBD products are best for you.

Caprice Sweatt recognized by NOCO Style Magazine as one of Northern Colorado's Outstanding Women!

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